Market stabilization idea

One thought that crossed my mind about deposit insurance is that the lack of deposit insurance for investments may in some cases be an issue.  Obviously market losses on investments can’t be insured by government but in some cases, depending on the structure of an investment bank accounts, the investment bank’s solvency could threaten investments that are held through the bank, which would be an incentive to withdraw funds in the event that the bank was doing poorly.
I’m not sure if that is technically a live issue or not, but if it isn’t, it is something to be looked at as if people feel edgy about having investments through a bank that isn’t doing so well they may be more likely to withdraw funds which can drop the market generally.  If, say, Goldman Sachs were doing poorly and you invested through them, there would have to be the temptation to withdraw funds and cash out investments held through them whether it were a live issue or threat or not.
Where that doesn’t risk people’s money they should know it, so that they don’t withdraw funds without reason, and if and where it is an issue, deposit insurance that insures against the failure of the institution through which the investments are made without insuring against true market losses, would be indicated. 

Brett Favre for MVP

I didn’t want to say it at the start of the season, but I had a feeling.  Brett Favre joining the Jets meant that, if they didn’t do well it was what the press expected, but if they even made the playoffs Favre would probably be MVP.  He was at the top of his game last year and looked like he could beat anybody, so I don’t know why people expected he would choke after so many good years.   Who knows, the Jets might have been better than their stats before but with the wrong quarterback the offence can’t  really show its stuff. 
So when does the Jets’ standing start affecting their ranking? 
We could have a Giants vs. Jets Superbowl this year.  That would be interesting.