New bank needed

If organizations with a large amount of capital got together and started a new major bank from scratch, it could be wildly successful.   Old banks, we just don’t know what baggage they carry.  Make a new one and people and businesses could flock to it for security. 
And how about fixing it in some way so that it shies away from risky investments

Car makers raise rare good argument

Eventually car makers may have plants that are flexible enough that they can switch from one type of vehicle to another with minimal downtime to adjust rapidly to market conditions.  That will probably require significant capital investment.
For the time being, even if time to market is moved up to a far more reasonable 6 months, the car market can be blindsided by moves by speculators.
Speculators drove the price of oil to around $145 per barrel in the summer and that was one of the moves that short-circuited the economy. 
I don’t see speculators as capitalists.  I don’t see that there is an activity there that needs protection for the social good.  We should be reluctant to have excessive regulation of business activity that actually serves a function but not be as reserved in the event that parasitic activity undermines legitimate economic activity.
The flip-flop in  oil prices thus created isn’t necessarily good for oil producers either. 
The US ought to cut a deal with somebody relatively stable like the Saudis for oil at a fixed price over say, 5 years, that gives everybody stability and the ability to plan.