Iran’s Supreme Leader makes supreme blunder; North Korea is the real threat

North Korea has crossed the line and has to be destroyed before it can develop any more weapons.   Nuclear force should be authorized if necessary. 
North Korea has traditionally used it’s nuclear weapons program to receive bribes to discontinue the program.  Now with a serious famine problem they are engaging in nuclear blackmail.  If they are allowed to build up any momentum and build a number of nuclear weapons they will be a threat.
It is time for somebody to do a "half Rumsfield" and go in and wipe out the dangerous weapons and the leadership.  Don’t try to hold a country with 100,000 men though.  Just walk away.
This may actually provide a useful exercise in world discipline.  Nuclear blackmail was going to happen sooner or later and this provides a great opportunity to show that those who engage in it will be blown to bits without quarter.  That may head off a worse problem later.   I would like to see that happen as a joint US, China and Russia military exercise.   Maybe Britain and France too- if you are going to be permanently on the security council you ought to be doing something to make the world permanently secure in unison with the other members.
With the idiotic Iraq invasion the US has put itself in a position where it needs other support to properly sustain such a mission.  The North Korean government are also practically a religious cult that diefies the leader and an embarassment to communism and it would be nice if the communists stepped up and took out any deranged factions so that the necessary actions can’t be seen as east vs. west. 
Iran on the other hand may fix itself.  At one point Iran had a republic and the US overthrew that to install the corrupt puppet the Shah, who was not as protective of Iran’s oil as the prior administration.   The karmic consequence of this was that an inherently unstable situation was created where at some point the corrupt puppet government was going to be overthrown. 
The present administration does not seem to be mindful that it is creating the same sort of opportunity. 
I haven’t any idea who really won the Iranian election.  The faction that is rebelling has associations with the revolutionary movement of 1979 and when in power was not particularly friendly to the west.  They may have had a change of heart.  It is a remarkable PR coup for them to have successfully depicted themselves as champions of freedom and justice.   We would have to see their actions in power to be quite sure that all is as it seems.   I am hopeful that their views have become more liberal.  "Islam" does after all mean "Peace" and any faction without that as the end objective has lost its way.
The ruling faction on the other hand has made a huge PR blunder.   I believe that a sense of justice is part of the makeup of social mammals, cats for instance I’ve seen to have a strong reaction to perceived unfairness or partiality.   Go against a sentiment that deeply embedded and you are going to get into trouble. 
The lack of transparency leads to an inference of a coverup and procedural unfairness, whether such exist or not. 
The supreme leader of Iran by backing a secular figure in a whitewashing action, thereby turned himself into a secular partisan.  More sensible would be to insist that justice be seen to be done and that there be transparent procedural fairness.  Religion can have a role in upholding high standards but that needs to have a limit.   A degree of separation between church and state among other things protects the dignity of the church. 
Note further that there is no inconsistency in saying that the faction with the most votes may have also taken steps to pad the ballot boxes and perform dirty tricks. 
The islamic revolutionaries have erred in considering there to have been an islamic revolution.  There is only one kind of revolution.   Iran had a revolution in recent history that had an islamic slant.   Stir the same sentiments and it could happen again.
But would such a movement have the support of the populace?  There is insufficient evidence about which faction has the greater strength.

NHL, NBA, NFL slowly turning in to WWF

Am I the only one that was sickened by the official bias in favour of the Pittsberg Penguins?  The worst act was forgiving on of the Penguins’ better players a mandatory one game suspension that likely would have lead to a series sweep by the Red Wings but that wasn’t the only error. 
Since Crosby is the new poster-boy for the NHL I’m sure they thought it was best for the league that he have a championship.  But isn’t it best for the league to have credibility?  They altered a final series with official misconduct.  Apart from too many non-calls against Pittsburgh, the forgiveness of Malkin was a WWF style moment.  The irony is that if Pittsburgh had won it straight up I would probably be a fan, but with them taking a cup they didn’t earn that isn’t possible.  That puts them to the top of my hated list.
I remember when the NBA officials threw the final series to the Celtics last year.  I’m not much of a basketball fan but I could see that there was blatant bias there in favor of some player named Pierce on the Celtics.   The commentators were going on in nauseating fashion about how long Pierce had waited for a championship but not commenting on anybody that attempted to defend against Pierce was assessed a personal foul and he would go to the free-throw line.  He was untouchable, but skill had nothing at all to do with it. 
The height of the absurdity was one particular play when Pierce ran straight in to a guy and put his shoulder in his guts and knocked him on the floor, intentionally, with the other guy standing still and not moving to obstruct him.  I was thinking, in any sport you hit another player like that with no purpose but intent to cause injury, that has to be at least a game ejection.   Not so with Pierce.   He got sent to the free-throw line again.  The other guy was penalized.  There was nothing ambiguous to see. 
Needless to say I haven’t bothered to watch NBA since.   If I watch sports I do so to watch sports, not to see something carefully scripted by league writers so that the real heros get beat.  
I also remember a couple of years back when the San Diego Chargers were 16-2 and the best team in the NFL, but they were up against the NFL’s version of "America’s team", the Patriots, in the playoffs.   The Chargers were beaten by calls that were obviously wrong, including at least one which was subjected to replay where the call was unambiguously wrong, but wasn’t reversed.   That shifted the game enough for the Patriots to win. 
No more "America’s team" crap.  Any team that gets gift-wrapped championships I have less respect for than the last place team.   I doubt if I’m the only one that feels that way.