Pakistan #2 strategic threat to world security

Did anybody else wonder why in April there were Pakistani intelligence agents going after an American agent?

That incident where the American shot a couple of Pakistanis made me wonder. The only reason to put that much heat on an agent is if you think he’s close to something big. Then a month later, the US takes out Bin Laden.

It also makes sense of why the agent would start shooting. If one of the most important US special operations in history could be jeopardized, of course he’s going to take out anybody he has to if he thinks he’s been made.

Pakistan has been backing the Taliban for too long. This situation where there is a weird proxy fight between two supposed allies in an adjoining country has gone on too long and cost too much- for the US.

Get over the idea that Pakistan is an ally. The nutters are getting an increasing grip although their presence is less ostentatious than it was a few years ago. Don’t get distracted by there being less overt fundamentalism in Pakistan’s forces. Extremists are often taught to do things to fit in so they won’t attract attention.

The few honest Pakistanis who assisted the US with getting Bin Laden should have been flagged for promotion. Any extremist would have broke cover to save Bin Laden. They’ve been vetted in a way that can’t be duplicated.

Instead, they’ve been arrested.

I am very annoyed at the people that have leaked information about the mission, because there is a high but indeterminate chance that at some point in the future there will be other such missions, not as simple and straightforward, including in Pakistan.

The big plan that has to be worked on as a static contingency plan is how to take out all of Pakistan’s nukes in a short time frame, ideally under two hours with simultaneous attacks.

Iran does not have nukes, lacks uranium to enrich, may never have nukes and are more posturing, crafty manipulators than anything else.

Pakistan does have nukes, and they have genuine crazies in positions of power that are uncomfortably close to the top.

Recent intelligence reports say that Pakistan is planning to build even more enrichment reactors.

That implies an intention to build more nukes.

Pakistan will soon have more nuclear weapons than England or France if it isn’t slowed down. It will soon be the number 4 nuclear superpower in the world and there is a major risk that somebody who is really crazy will take over.

This is a case where I think that Isreal has really dropped the ball more than anybody. Just because Pakistan isn’t chirping about Isreal doesn’t mean it isn’t a threat. Silent enemies can be more dangerous.

Isreal should be chirping about Pakistan, the real existential threat.

Aid to Pakistan should be tied to non-proliferation and deactivation of nukes.