2 fast 2 furious should be GOP scandal

Check this rare piece of investigative journalism out: http://features.blogs.fortune.cnn.com/2012/06/27/fast-and-furious-truth/

It looks like what is happening in Arizona is that Republicans, NRA and (other) criminals are colluding to ensure that nothing is done to stop the flow of guns to Mexico.

The only agent that “walked” a gun was Dodson, who did so without the authority of his superiors. He was the same one that turned whistleblower. Based on the article it appears that he trafficked weapons to a criminal organization and probably committed a crime.

Perhaps the most disturbing outcome is that the ATF’s leading suspects turn out to be FBI “informants”.

The FBI has a long questionable history of providing protection to the worst criminals under the guise that they are “informants” while helping take out their competition.

While the most egregious known case was Whitey Bulger, the bureau went down the wrong path at the outset with the appointment of Hoover. Hoover had some unclear association with Frank Costello and obstructed attempts to investigate the mafia for decades. I am all but certain that J. Edgar Hoover was mafia. When you consider that he had the opportunity to make like minded placements it needs to be investigated whether there is an ongoing legacy of that nature.

The problems with 2 fast 2 furious had nothing to do with the ATF apart from Dodson’s crew. The prosecutors who thought that, for instance, a man on food stamps who somehow bought $300,000 worth of guns hadn’t done anything wrong, need to be looked at.

The FBI backing the most serious bad guys again really needs to be looked at. I think that the whole agency needs to be investigated from the outside.

I’d nominate Voth to do that.


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