More assault rifle idiocy from people who don’t know what they’re talking about

Albert Einstein vs. the National Assault Rifle Association: via HuffPost So the latest twit thinks that assault rifles would be nice for hunting T-Rex. Maybe if you could get far enough up a tree and empty several clips into it. They aren’t high power enough to kill a deer clean unless you hit it perfectly or from really close range. Yes they are designed to kill people, and in combat where things get murky. The underpowered ammo that fragments on impact is designed so that you take out the target and reduces the chance that you frag your own platoon with ricochets or shots that go through walls. If soldiers are clearing a house or building with their people inside they really want to reduce their odds of nailing a buddy. The people on the gun control side really need to talk to people who know about guns or their efforts will be misdirected.


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