Aurora massacre wasn’t the fault of Cinemark

I doubt if Cinemark meant anything bad by it but reminding relatives of the massacre was a boneheaded PR move.  People who are trying to put a tragedy out of their minds don’t want a reminder. 

The lawsuits against Cinemark are disgusting opportunistic filth. 

To see the death of a loved one as a “get rich” opportunity to sting another innocent victim who has deep pockets is vile and unfortunately sometimes an American vice. 

If we ever want to get back to a place where people don’t bother to lock their doors, having armed guards, alarmed back doors, cameras everywhere and god knows what else takes us further in the wrong direction… and doesn’t seem to have made us any safer. 

I think the litigants against Cinemark should be non-suited but that will likely require legislation.  It is not reasonable that innocent businesses and institutions should have to turn themselves into bunkers to prevent wildly improbable hazards that they do not create.  

I do not see how anybody could conceivably be negligent for failing to take steps to prevent a mass shooting.  If it’s negligent to not prepare for mass shooters then it’s negligent not to prepare for stray meteor strikes.  And if you go to that degree of remoteness, why not require that they prepare for a zombie apocalypse too. 


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