Scott Walker Criticized For Not Denouncing Glenn Grothman’s Remarks On Kwanzaa: via HuffPost

Scott Walker Criticized For Not Denouncing Glenn Grothman’s Remarks On Kwanzaa: via HuffPost There is no Kwanzaa. It isn’t a holiday. It has nothing to do with african-american heritage per se. If people want to hold a celebration of course they can have a celebration on their own time and book parades for that matter, same as anybody else. Just don’t be saying that a celebration unilaterally invented 45 years ago by any group is a holiday, deserves any special recognition or is a religious event. So why even mention it at all? For exactly what is happening. Public debate has shifted at least a bit from the innumerable things republicans are doing wrong to some idiotic debate about who cares about a non-existent holiday. It is hard to see how the issue could conceivably damage the republicans. It reminds me a bit of a deflection tactic from Mad Men. They can’t say that cigarettes are safe anymore. The solution is, rather than dealing with the issue, to just say that their tobacco is toasted. Everybody’s tobacco is poisonous, everybody’s tobacco is toasted. But if the competition is focused on health issues the can’t win on, their tobacco is poisonous, your tobacco is toasted. In other words, change the topic to something that can’t hurt you. I’ve read more from more sources than most people would in several lifetimes and this is the first that I’ve ever heard of this Kwanzaa, whatever it is. So I would be amazed if anybody but the less astute left wingers takes issue with it. Saying that something most people have never heard of is a non-event isn’t shocking or offensive. I’m left wing and I wouldn’t criticize or denounce Grothman’s reported remarks. The more important reason for ignoring it is that it is a deflection. You can choose from hundreds of potential issues at any given time. The public collective consciousness is only able to process around three from each side at any time. If you want to make progress on those hundreds of issues, the best way is to run your best three and make varying degrees of passing reference to the rest, leaving the more tangential to page 37 of your campaign literature. Grothman has suckered the local democrats into making one of their three issues one that can’t help them and which can make them appear foolish and irrelevant. If somebody tweets “the sky is green” and his political opponents go on social media and television and issue press releases, who looks stupider as a result of that exercise? Let’s say this Kwanzaa is important to some black communities. What of it? Why is random speculation about it no longer being relevant going to be hurtful to anybody other than a personality disordered loony? If before superbowl someone says “nobody cares about football anymore”, it may be an attempt to bait somebody unstable into a spas attack but most people will just say, whatever. I keep hearing that Marxism is dead but that is obviously false. How much of the communist manifesto has not been achieved in one form or another? Marxism should not be confused with Stalinism and similar cults. Stalinism wasn’t a dictatorship of the proles, it was a dictatorship of Stalin. The common people were reduced to serfs while the rich and powerful people at the top got cool toys. The only difference from the Norquist/McConnell/Koch brothers vision for america is the people with all the toys had status in the communist party rather than corporations in our military industrial complex. A democracy is a dictatorship of the proles, in the only sense there can ever be one. Other than Norquist, McConnell, the Koch brothers and the Tea Party, does anybody still think that we should be dropping our kids off at the local coal mine in the morning instead of at school? That was one of the most important planks in Marx’s manifesto, that kids should be in school. Is that even assailable now? Marx’s objectives were humanitarian. Western society was far more successful in achieving Marx’s goals than the soviets ever were. If you think Marxism is dead, then you should be dropping your kids off at the coal mine Monday morning. Politicians and press love grandiose announcements that one thing or another is dead. It’s stupid to say it if it’s true and it’s stupid to say it if it’s false. Just ridicule it and move on. Don’t let your opponent choose your three issue for you unless they gift wrap some fatal error like stupid comments about rape.


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