Mohamed Mohamud Trial Set: Christmas Tree-Lighting Bomb Plot Suspect Gets Day In Court: via HuffPost

Mohamed Mohamud Trial Set: Christmas Tree-Lighting Bomb Plot Suspect Gets Day In Court: via HuffPost More reasons to hate the FBI. The FBI de facto mandate since its creation has been to protect certain organized crime elements and divert as much police resources as possible to chasing things that go bump in the night- commies, arabs, and if they ran out of those they’d find something else. Anything to avoid real police work and protecting the public. There aren’t enough real terrorists to justify diverting resources from investigations of mafia and corporate allies, so they make their own. They find some weak minded wannabe fool who’s saying dumb things and tell him he’s got to bomb something to make the big time, then they make all the arrangements and put peer pressure on him and tell him all he has to do is push a button. Then if they win the trial, the person gets life imprisonment. Net result? You spent a lot of manpower and at least $5 million in taxpayer’s money to eliminate some blogger that real terrorists wouldn’t touch because he’s a wanker who doesn’t know what he’s doing. That’s not just diverted from more productive police work, it is also a diversion of resources away from pursuing any real threats that might exist. How big a waste is it? We only see the cases where the guy bites. Most people are all talk, no action. How many of these entrapments are they walking away from with bugger all? 3 of 4? 9 of 10? Maybe worse than that? The FBI started broken with Hoover, who was notoriously buddies with leading mafia figures, denying that the mafia existed and diverting most of the resources to other pursuits, like finding out what academics and hollywood figures were reds. The FBI, the first paparrazzi. Recently they passed over investigating the criminal conduct of the people who nearly destroyed the world economy but investigated those who were protesting them. They threw the ATF under a bus when it got too close to leading crime figures the FBI is pleased to call “informants”. The FBI’s never been unbroken. Mostly it just defends entrenched interests, including criminal ones. Scrap it and start over. And judges need to start directing acquittals when it is uncontravertable that there was entrapment.


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