Chuck Hagel Defense: The Combustible Politics Of Obama’s Clearest Break From Bush: via HuffPost

Chuck Hagel Defense: The Combustible Politics Of Obama’s Clearest Break From Bush: via HuffPost There may have been a point to Vietnam, stalling Stalinism there may have broken Stalinist momentum, helping lead to its collapse. Iraq was just a war crime and the replacement government has more potential to be dangerous. Afghanistan was at least arguable because they supported an attack on the US in an official capacity. However as soon as the most corrupt companies in America were allowed to install the most corrupt government on earth, the US efforts had less legitimacy than the Taliban… Who are not the insurgents. The insurgents are the people holding on to power only with US backing, and even then barely. If the US is almost financially destroyed diddling around with two banana republics for ten years, how does that leave the country able to cope with a protracted conflict with somebody serious? That will happen within 20-30 years. One thing the US military needs: lean and mean. Military needs to be run like a business more than any other government activity. The initial afghan attack was probably a net loser but sometimes showing the bad guys you have a pulse saves you other grief. Both major conflicts show a key weakness in the US strategy- it is highly vulnerable to a “rope-a-dope” strategy from a committed opponent. The taliban don’t seem to be going bankrupt financing the war. They don’t need to necessarily make any headway or score any victories to win. All they need is to keep the US outspending them a thousand to one or worse and avoid fatal errors. Then they can just twiddle their thumbs until we can’t afford it. Why is anybody seeing a break from Bush policies as misguided?


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