Attention Democrats: Chris Christie Isn’t Your New Best Friend: via HuffPost …but you shouldn’t want him to be

Attention Democrats: Chris Christie Isn’t Your New Best Friend: via HuffPost So? That line of thinking shows exactly why we need Christie, or someone like him, to be our worst enemy. Healthy politics requires at least two healthy parties. Right now the US has none. The republican party feels no pressure to be credible at all, convinced that all policies, however incoherent and indefensible, can be saved by rants on Fox, and the rest can be covered by gerrymandering. The democrats feel only enough pressure to be slightly more credible than the republicans. Plus, the democrats have shifted way to the right. There are two right wing parties. That is a recipe for stagnation…and defection. Hillary Clinton may win in 2016 just because so many women will vote for a woman because it is their turn. There have already been a lot of women leaders in woman-hating banana republics for christ sakes. On the other hand, like Gore and Romney, Clinton is an unlikeable robot and listening to her is like fingernails going down a blackboard. If she were a man she would be unelectable as president. People like the idea of Clinton. They respect her credentials and the things that she has done. She is married to the only competent president the country has had in decades, a presidency with which she had unprecedented influence and bears some of the credit for the success. But would that save her if we have to listen to her every minute of every day for an entire campaign cycle? Closing the gap ideologically with republicans means the democrats are highly vulnerable to a republican pragmatist. If there’s no difference between the parties, why not go for the practical problem solver? Christie may put more pressure on the republicans as well, to start competing for who is the best practical problem solver, rather than competing for who can be the craziest lunatic. The democrats have alienated the left and even the center, running essentially on being the lesser of two evils. People backed the democrats because they had to, backing the republicans is now suicidal. A credible candidate with the republicans may push the democrats back to the base, and will definitely push them to be better. As for Christie being somebody who can work with people across the aisle… How is that a problem again?


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