Quantum Foam Paper Suggests Einstein Was Right About Space-Time Being ‘Smooth’: via HuffPost

Quantum Foam Paper Suggests Einstein Was Right About Space-Time Being ‘Smooth’: via HuffPost http://huff.to/ZxGdFa “Space” and “time” are just newfangled versions of the old discredited idea of an “ether” and represent a failure by most, including Einstein, to fully embrace the concept of relativity. Space and time are dimensions in the same sense as supply and demand are dimensions. They are nouns that are a shorthand for complex concepts and you can graph them. If you go directly from a word being a noun to assuming that it must represent a thing it leads to mischief and nonsense. I’ve observed events being earlier or later than one another but I’ve never seen a thing or a medium that is “Time”. We don’t need such a medium to explain anything. “Space” is the same way. I’ve seen distance, but I’ve never seen space. Why does the distance between two things have to itself be a thing? The “space” between two things, by which you don’t mean the air or anything else between them, how is that distance with no properties itself a thing? How can a thing have no properties? Space is just a concept for the relative distance between two things. Both “Time” and “Space” should be struck as extra-grammatical entities because nobody has ever seen them and they don’t do anything. It is like taking supply and demand out of their natural grammatical habitat and insisting that they represent metaphysical entities independent of supply and demand of coffee or steel or other products. Space and time are neither smooth nor frothy, or anything else. Both hypotheses fall into the scientific category of “not even wrong”. A graph can be one way or another but our methods of measurement don’t populate the universe with new stuff conjured by mathematics.


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