Gun control- nobody is listening to anybody else

NRA President David Keene Rejects Outline Of White House Gun Control Recommendations (VIDEO): via HuffPost I have to agree with the NRA that a ban of “assault weapons” and reducing the maximum magazine size isn’t going to save anybody. It’s just an advertising gimmick. The democrats are approaching the issue like politicians, not problem solvers. “Assault rifles” and “high capacity magazines” are great for sound bites. The appeal of these weapons for mass shooters creates confusion. Those guys almost always carry additional sidearms that are just as lethal from point blank range. Do you really think that they would stay home and knit if they can’t get their first choice of weapon? Do you really think that the bereaved parents are going to go on TV and say “at least my child was killed by a Baretta instead of one of those nasty assault rifles”? Focusing on sound bites instead of accomplishing anything is dumb. On the other hand the NRA proposal could have been an Onion parody. Background checks need to be beefed up and I don’t know what the proposal is there. Issues like that should be getting more of the focus. Another thing to look at is body armor. There is a constitutional right to own guns. There is not a constitutional right to body armor. Mass shooters recently have been using body armor. A trained shooter with full body armor and a rifle has a huge advantage over a police officer or guard with a service revolver and bullet resistant vest. While I am against the NRA proposal to put guns in schools, if anybody nearby does own a gun and intervenes they will probably be at the same huge disadvantage. A person in that position probably has time for one or two shots. If those shots have to be perfect from distance the odds get close to nil. The body armor may be contributing more to new mass shootings than the guns. It gives the shooters confidence. You don’t wear body armor to go to dinner or to work, not unless you are a guard or cop, and even then it’s more likely to be a vest than full military gear unless you are SWAT. Interest in body armor suggests specific plans or threats. You won’t have it on when facing a mugger. You won’t have time to put it on before confronting a burglar or home invader. It’s hot and it’s heavy and a little bulky. People wanting to order body armor should have to apply through law enforcement and explain. If they have received specific threats it may be appropriate, but it gives police something to look at as well. If a story falls apart under scrutiny the police have somebody to flag and take a closer look at.


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