Israeli Women Soldiers Have ‘Right Stuff’ For Border Watch: via HuffPost

Israeli Women Soldiers Have ‘Right Stuff’ For Border Watch: via HuffPost Modern warfare uses more skills that are traditional female skill sets with attention to detail and focus being more important. I would add that because women on average have better fine coordination they could be better shots. It’s certainly true for handwriting. Higher estrogen gives better coordination. In the Sinai Isreal has been to an extent the victim of it’s own demands. The demilitarization of the area makes it impossible for the Egyptians to police the area. Because it is Egyptian territory the Isrealis can’t police it either. This set up makes it easier for people to tunnel into Gaza. Things getting in to Gaza makes the Isrealis blockade Gaza, which doesn’t stop weapons from getting in but does block food, building materials and other supplies. So it’s a lose-lose-lose situation. There’s now an opportunity. Morsi wants credibility. He wants to be seen as an idealistic peaceful visionary. There’s a window of opportunity here for everybody to get what they want. It would involve coordination of Egyptian and Isreali forces but that is hardly insurmountable.


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