Ravens Beat Broncos 38-35 In Double OT: Flacco, Jones, Tucker Lead Baltimore To AFC Title Game: via HuffPost

Ravens Beat Broncos 38-35 In Double OT: Flacco, Jones, Tucker Lead Baltimore To AFC Title Game: via HuffPost http://huff.to/VBife1 Well I guess Manning has cemented his legend as the best regular season quarterback in history. If you look at the numbers it should have been all Denver. It’s funny that Eli Manning has half the skill and twice the killer instinct of his brother. It’s all about the level of escalation. People who are pumped at the right level in regular season games may become flooded with adrenaline in the playoffs or in critical situations and lose their judgment and coordination. Guys that seem groggy sometimes in the regular season that extra hit of adrenaline in a crisis or playoff game can put them in the zone. In every sport there are guys that do far better in either the regular or post season. It depends how much of a kick you need for the zone. There is also the Lewis effect here. A guy that might be the best ever at his position is retiring at the end of the season. You never want to play a team that is dedicating the game. They will f- you up. Remember how well the Colts did with their sick coach this year? Remember how that clown Buster Douglas knocked out Mike Tyson against longshot odds a week after his mother died? Remember the stories we see every now and again when somebody lifts a car off a run over kid? When someone is operating at 100% with one thought on their mind you don’t want to be in the way of that. Normally the zone is fleeting when you do hit it. A football player might have it for the last few minutes of a game and all the commercial breaks can knock you out of it. That’s the ordinary zone. You can be in a higher level zone too, something like the Viking berserker zone, where you don’t think about fear or pain or petty anxieties. That usually requires a special occasion that you can’t get back.


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