The Return of Right-Wing Insurrectionism (This Time Featuring Hitler): via HuffPost

The Return of Right-Wing Insurrectionism : via HuffPost If you look at Obama’s policies he’s actually the second most right wing president of the last century, after Bush Jr. So rebelling against him because he’s a commie, well… But the look at how far right the right wing has gone to the right. Grover Norquist’s endorsement of the fiscal cliff deal wasn’t enough to carry a majority of the republican house caucus. Norquist is now in the more moderate half of the republicans. How scary is that? I can’t follow the right wing logic that we need a revolution because the government gave us health care and that money should be spent killing people half way around the world instead. I’m more worried about a right wing coup than revolution. The coup has been a slow moving one over decades, with increased control over media by parasitic interests being a key feature. There has been a steady program of marketing what Bush senior once correctly described as “voodoo economics”. It was obvious from the outset that it was a fake economic program without merit and it has invariably destroyed the standard of living in countries that adopted it. It does however make the rich get richer. As society disintegrates, puppet media continue to blame the government not completely following the fake economics program for the disaster, although the fake economics program is itself the cause of the disaster. These are propaganda tactics that were used by Hitler and Stalin and the objectives are the same as those of Hitler and Stalin. The difference is that rather than quickly taking over this group has been patiently corrupting public discourse for years so that the transition to unmitigated tyranny has the feel of a consensus decision. We need the government and the people to revolt together against these interests without regard to political affiliation. Fortunately the corrupt interests aren’t smart enough to stay clean and most can be put away by enforcement of existing laws.


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