Solving Kathy Mabry’s Murder: Brutal 15-Year-Old Crime Highlights Decades-Long Mississippi Scandal: via HuffPost

Solving Kathy Mabry’s Murder: Brutal 15-Year-Old Crime Highlights Decades-Long Mississippi Scandal: via HuffPost Mississippi prosecutors routinely used evidence they knew was fake to secure convictions, then fought to prevent wrongfully convicted people that they knew were wrongfully convicted through their professional misconduct from being released. The key medical examiner was used in 80-90% of Mississipi autopsies although he had no credentials to do so. Most, possibly all, senior prosecutors from Mississipi need to be disbarred for their participation in this fiasco and charged criminally with their actions, including being parties to perjury, obstruction of justice, being parties to fraud (public money was spent on those fake experts, a lot of it), wire fraud, and anything else. In death penalty cases they should be charged with first degree murder. Because that’s what they did. If any of that can be done federally it should. The Mississipi courts cannot be trusted. If they are like courts elsewhere former prosecutors may be quarter of the bench, and of course they have been protecting the charlatans with their rulings. I wonder whether their activities fall under RICO. It’s definitely a type of organized crime. The extent to which it crosses state lines needs to be looked at because Mississipi (and some other southern states) shows no interest in dealing with it and criminal practices by state prosecutors, police, state experts and crime labs are routinely coddled and protected in the US south. You’d be more likely to get a fair trial in Cuba or Russia than in most of the US southeast. It’s a disgrace. You’d expect that kind of hinky, mickey mouse law enforcement with show trials in Iran. But unless the federal government finds a way to step in change will be slow. The criminal conspiracy of state government officials isn’t going to prosecute itself. It would also be widely popular. The reason that these stories get frequent press is that thinking people regardless of politics consider what goes on in the rancid states an outrage. Anybody who tries to defend a borderline satanic group like that from federal interference will be digging themselves a big hole. Nobody outside with any sense of political self preservation is going to defend the right of prosecutors to systematically use fabricated evidence to increase their conviction rates.


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