Mass Murder: Is There a Mental Health Issue?: via HuffPost

Mass Murder: Is There a Mental Health Issue?: via HuffPost The first thing to get straight is you are either ill or you aren’t. “Mental illness” to the extent it exists at all is a form of physical, empirically testable illness like eczema. There are no metaphorical illnesses. Confusion arises from the inherently theological concept of “mind”, which is derivative of the concept of a soul. I have thoughts generated by a brain and so does everybody else. I’ve never observed a mind and neither has anybody else. So what phenomena need to be explained by an additional “mind”? None. The “mind” is an invention of grammer. Because it is a noun it creates the illusion that it describes a specific thing. Brains can be sick, minds can’t. Psychiatry descended from the practice of exorcism and the point of view and methods are still infected with that taint of anti-scientific thinking and questionable motivations. Psychiatry has always “erred” on the side of gross overintervention, overmanagement and overmedication. I worked as a guard in a hospital five years and had to restrain a lot of people, including a lot of psych patients. Most of the people in the ER psych ward I didn’t think belonged there. Most of them were just confused and frankly hadn’t been doing anything that suggested a threat to themselves or others, which is supposed to be the test. They are overwhelmingly non-violent. All the guards were surprised that very few made any attempt to hurt us. If they were resisting it was usually defensive, trying to avoid being restrained rather than doing damage. The guards were unanimous that if anybody tried to do something like that to us we’d hurt them bad. Once I was guarding an initial psych interview where the patient was convinced that his family were conspiring against him and I realized that he was right. They conspired to get him in to the psych ward. They thought he was weird so they tried to have him put away. They had been acting strangely around him. His perception was accurate. He hadn’t heard voices in his head or other schizophrenic ideas. What I saw at the hospital convinced me that system has to end. It is like a rape of the patient. The idea that it is therapeutic to treat people like that is offensively stupid. The over-prescription of psych medications is notorious and I’ve addressed it in other posts. Psych medications dramatically increase the rate of suicide and it would be very surprising if they did not increase the rate of homicide in similar proportions. Addressing the “mental health crisis” with more drugs that make people unstable, as with the vast majority of psychiatric intervention, will do more harm than good. However… Letting seriously confused or reality-testing impaired people have guns isn’t a good idea either. Those are two separate issues. Refusing to give people guns is not an inherent, egregious violation of their person or dignity.


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