Rand Paul: Chris Christie NRA Criticism, Sandy Aid ‘Tantrum’ Will Hurt Him In GOP Primary: via HuffPost

Rand Paul: Chris Christie NRA Criticism, Sandy Aid ‘Tantrum’ Will Hurt Him In GOP Primary: via HuffPost http://huff.to/106yQoi Well Rand, Christie I’d give better than even odds against the Clinton-bot in a general election whereas you are unelectable as president. And the things Christie is doing make more electable in a general election. There’s lots of republicans who can put on a dog and pony show in the primary and then lose the general election. Why do you want more? The only foolish position Christie has taken is opposing Romneycare. If Romney had brought his system federally we wouldn’t have 30 republican governors having a snit. Because Obama brought in Romneycare there’s sour grapes. Rand may be intellectually libertarian but his reaction to non-conformists shows a more authoritarian and collectivist temperment. The funny thing is Rand Paul is most compelling himself when he acts like Christie, say taking a stand against government agencies arrogating the right to monitor anyone and disappear anyone without explanation, soviet style. We need more of that. When Christie calls out right wingers who are way out of line why does Rand Paul think that’s a bad thing? Why isn’t he joining in? We need a real tea party, not a fake grassroots movement funded by billionaires to protect their interests only. Not fake libertarians that think that freedom means the freedom to enforce evangelicals’ narrow and incorrect reading of scripture on everybody. So get off the fence Rand Paul. Who are you?


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