War On Drugs Has Not Been Worth The Costs: Poll: via HuffPost

War On Drugs Has Not Been Worth The Costs: Poll: via HuffPost http://huff.to/XJLTfZ Stuff that’s a lot more dangerous than marijuana gets FDA approval. Black box warnings like tobacco, fine. Simple possession of the harder stuff shouldn’t be a crime per say. Save the big guns for people trafficking hard stuff. This shouldn’t be looked at from the point of view of health regulation. Carry that to it’s logical conclusion and there would be code 5 takedowns over cheesecake and belgian waffles. Criminalizing victims increases the victimization, gets in the way of them getting help and turns off the flow of information. If you can track addicts to their source that is a way to deal with the problem. Nabbing the addicts can be counterproductive. Something that would be great to see is lots and lots of sniffer dogs. I don’t see walking drug dogs down the street as an unreasonable invasion of privacy. Probably cheaper than other, less reliable ways of getting good intel.


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