Fog of war and school defence

Let’s say you are in a school, and you’re armed, and what sounds like a shot rings out.  What happened?

You have no idea.

If you get a gun out and go to investigate, what then?  If you see somebody else with a gun, are they the shooter or are they doing what you’re doing? 

You don’t know.  They probably don’t know whether it’s you either.  You both may have to sort it out in less than a second.

Let’s say you see someone with an “assault rifle”.  Is it SWAT or the shooter?

If SWAT comes in and you swing a gun around instinctively they’re going to shoot you.

Put lots of guns in schools the way the NRA wants and let people carry in schools the way some states do and it’s a recipe for disaster.

Also, where is the shot from?  Is it from in the school or outside in the street?  Is it a shot or is it a loud firecracker or car backfiring?

If the number of guns in a school has reached a critical mass, all someone has to do to start a massacre is fire a shot into the air, throw his gun in a trash can and walk away.

It gets worse.

If you see a person with a gun in a corridor, what’s behind them?

If there’s a wall behind them, what’s the wall made of? Are there kids behind it?  You may not have time to figure that out.  If the wall is just drywall and there’s a class behind it you could turn out to be a mass shooter.

Then there is the race issue.

If you have a gun you are more likely to be racist and may not know that such shootings are almost always by young white middle class males.

But if you are a gun nut, the latino or black janitor who shows up with the gun he’s just been issued to protect the school probably looks like a target.  Then your best outcome is maybe ten years with good behavior.

It has the makings of a Shakespearean tragedy.


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