Jack Welch On Obama’s Inauguration: President ‘Comfortable With High Unemployment’: via HuffPost

Jack Welch On Obama’s Inauguration: President ‘Comfortable With High Unemployment’: via HuffPost http://huff.to/10iEZxQ

Big business is constantly cutting workers.

I remember years ago when I was a guard at a datacenter of a major bank.

The staff were pressured to find ways to cut two thirds of their numbers.

The morale of the survivors was terrible.  Many did “voluntary” overtime because they didn’t have enough time in the work day to complete their tasks and were afraid to say it wasn’t enough time.

Of course the survivors likely included those who were most ruthless at showing how to make their buddies redundant.

That nonsense has been going on for 30 years or more.

The companies could have used efficiencies to make a better world, reduced work hours to half with the same pay and retained the same profit margin. 

But big business doesn’t give a rat’s ass about making a better world.  That’s just something they pretend to believe in one day a week.

So when unemployment is created, mostly voluntarily by business, why is it that it shows that the unemployed are lazy and didn’t want a job?  Most of them did have a job and most of them didn’t lose it because they’re lazy.

More likely they lost their jobs through the unholy greed of somebody else.

Likewise, if a profitable business starts firing random people to make even more money, how is that directly the fault of the politicians?

There needs to be a poison pill here, something unlikely to deter a business in trouble from doing what they need to survive but which will carry a sting for a business.

Say, your reduction in payroll for any given year is considered income for the next three years. 

It should be designed so that a company in real trouble doesn’t have to pay more.

The details I’d leave to economists.


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