Las Vegas officer kills wife, son and himself This sad story should be seen as a caution for those who think the remedy for a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun. The risk with police officers can’t be eliminated but it can illuminate practical consequences of a gun philosophy. Everybody is born feral and gets socialized to wind up in the good guy bin or the bad guy bin, with some fence sitters. Over time there’s attrition towards the bad guy bin with less movement in the other direction. Most often slippery slopes are a problem, where people start cutting corners and breaking rules and lose their moral compass, but head injuries and some other medical problems can lead to radical changes in personality and that can be sudden. Again, there isn’t much that can be done to reduce the risk with police officers. But expanding the pool of people that have regular exposure to guns unnecessarily expands the risks. It’s a negative numbers game. The Las Vegas officer was highly regarded. People thought he was a stand up guy. Maybe he was. Maybe he bonked his head and wasn’t himself. People go off the rails sometimes. It isn’t always who you think and sometimes you don’t even find out why. You’re only a good guy with a gun until you’re a bad guy with a gun. And for a lot of those people, having a gun handy made the difference. One split second and they can never go back. A hothead can stop hitting or strangling someone but they can’t unshoot someone.


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