Next gerrymandering scandal: Virginia Electoral Votes Allocation Measure Advances In State Senate: via HuffPost

Virginia Electoral Votes Allocation Measure Advances In State Senate: via HuffPost Consider the effect of what Virginia is proposing if it were done in say Ohio. In Ohio the gerrymandering was so bad that the republicans got 75% of the seats with less than half the vote. If the system proposed in Virginia were used in Ohio for elecoral votes, Obama would have received 25% of the electoral votes there instead of 100%. Virginia of course is another potential swing state. So the republicans’ ongoing march to end democracy continues. If states change to award electoral votes proportionately it should be based on portion of vote, not district, and either all states should do it or none of them. It should be dealt with by constitutional amendment rather than piecemeal so that we don’t see a situation like what made the Romney nomination inevitable, where his states were mostly winner take all and his opponent’s states mostly divided delegates proportionately to the vote. On a national level that kind of rigging would be a disaster in a presidential election, even worse if the individual districts were used rather than proportions. A nominee could become unstoppable with a third of the vote. The republicans can no longer win their platform by democratic means. That puts them to a dilemma, and the fork they’ve chosen is to end democracy.


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