Taro Aso, Japanese Finance Minister, Says Country Should Let Old People ‘Hurry Up And Die’: via HuffPost

Taro Aso, Japanese Finance Minister, Says Country Should Let Old People ‘Hurry Up And Die’: via HuffPost http://huff.to/10x4v2u One problem we face now that we didn’t a hundred years ago is that those who don’t die of an early health crisis face spending our last 10-50 years in assisted living, unable to do what we used to do physically or mentally, becoming prisoners in our bodies and in a society that won’t let people die even if their carrying on is a lose-lose proposition. Laws that allow committal of those who would commit suicide and which criminalize assisting it are going to fall out of economic and social necessity. Ultimately the baby boomer’s one contribution to society may be getting rid of those rules, because those b@st@rds mostly think about themselves, and there comes a point where it is pointless suffering. I’ve always thought that it is the prevention of a rational suicide that should be criminalized. It is not a mental illness for a person to not want to suffer. If the reasons are arguable psychiatrists should lose jurisdiction to intervene. It is important to recognize the difference though between a bona fide suicide attempt and what might be called a suicide gesture. Borderline personality types for instance are known for staging suicide “attempts” which are designed to fail, essentially psychological manipulations of others. Japan may lead the way in updating views on suicide because it so recently was a more important part of their culture, being considered honorable and in some cases necessary. The old warrior method was barbaric but that can be updated. Christianity has confused the suicide issue. For hundreds of years under the totalitarian control of the early Catholics it was irrational for even a healthy person to want to live. They probably had a massive suicide problem. So they turned it into a mortal sin although there is no support from Jesus on that point at all. On the contrary, the gospels all suggest that in one form or another Jesus knew early that his actions would lead to his death, and he talked about those who follow him should not fear death. Jesus’ message was about making your life and your death mean something. It was a very aggressive form of pacifism which tended to provoke authorities, a stance that until recent decades did not end well. Jesus and many of his followers provoked their deaths. The distinction between that and suicide is semantics.


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