Bob McDonnell Comes Out Against GOP Electoral College-Rigging Plan: via HuffPost

Bob McDonnell Comes Out Against GOP Electoral College-Rigging Plan: via HuffPost This may be another source of rebellion and reform in the republicans. Most people have what you might call a decency point, a point where if you push them there they take a stand without thinking about their own advancement. And really, why worry about advancement in a party where you no longer stand for the same things. The moderates should also bear in mind the lesson of Murkowski in Alaska. Just one relative moderate running against an extremist who received the nomination has a chance. Here’s how you bust the extremists. Rubio, Jindal, Christie, Rand and other top names and potential 2016 contenders and thinkers need to get into one room, kick everybody else out and have an off the record discussion. Then they come out of the room and say if certain changes aren’t made immediately they walk. Then they start preparations including the constitution of a new party. If the moderates up and make their own party it’s going to get 80% of the republican vote in a general election. They can create rules that make another hostile takeover by Americans In Name Only far more difficult or impossible. There’s a certain irony that the republicans are accused of following Ayn Rand when her philosophy is precisely what they are lacking. The republican party is a perfect “Atlas Shrugged” situation. There are a few people trying to save the party while almost all of the rank and file and the rest of the leadership are pushing in the opposite direction. By propping up the party they are doing themselves and everybody else a disservice. They are saving people who don’t want to be saved from the consequences of their own actions, and it’s becoming increasingly difficult. If it won’t reform they need to compete and make it fail. If everybody with a chance of winning jumps ship most of the money will follow. The money that doesn’t follow will be mostly the money you don’t want. The price of getting it would be too high. It would also be an opportunity not only to go back to what was working, but to move forwards. The republican party has never been either conservative or libertarian and is only described in that way by people who don’t know what the words mean. Most voters want a more libertarian choice. Most of the politicians calling themselves libertarians have been in favor of imperialist wars to seize resources, arbitrary detainment without explanation or habeas corpus, wars on drugs, warrantless searches, Guantanamo, state regulation of personal relationships and personal choices, restrictions on research, enforced indoctorination with fairy tales as school curriculum, etc. Apart from Rand Paul, who has occasionally taken a stand on such issues, what liberties do you libertarians actually defend? The lack of credible libertarians on the right has aggravated the lack of credible libertarians on the left. The lack of real supporters of liberty to vote for means neither party has had to compete on that basis. Both parties have together been marching us towards a police state. A credible new party will force the democrats to make needed changes too.


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