Obama On Football Head Injuries: The Sport ‘Will Probably Change’: via HuffPost

Obama On Football Head Injuries: The Sport ‘Will Probably Change’: via HuffPost http://huff.to/WoSpK0

The head injuries are without question the main issue but we need to be careful about tunnel vision.

The CTE deposits resemble in some ways alzheimer’s deposits and we need to be cautious that more might be going on.

Football is tough on the body generally, and all the inflammation that is going on everywhere in the body, does that put toxic things in the blood or trigger inflammatory responses elsewhere.

Athletes have extreme exercise programs, which again may result in a lot of oxidants in the blood.

Athletes eat differently, and in particular eat a lot of protein to bulk up. That may affect things, and high protein diets can have adverse effects.

They take lots of plane trips, often right after a bruising match, reducing oxygen available to them at higher altitudes and slowing healing.

Apart from concussions, they get lots of jarring impacts.

Studies of children in soccer suggest that kids heading balls over long periods leads to statistically meaningful increases in problems with focussing.

The fitness and muscle mass of football players will alter their hormones and endocrine systems.

Athletes will also tend to be more like each other genetically.

Football players are a fairly homogenous group that are much more like each other than the general population and various factors may contribute to or worsen the consequences of brain injury.

PET scans may soon be able to help with understanding the progress of the chronic damage.


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