What We Can Learn About Privacy From Jodie Foster and Steubenville: via HuffPost

What We Can Learn About Privacy From Jodie Foster and Steubenville: via HuffPost http://huff.to/10M84BT I think that Foster did more to advance gay rights that most, particularly with her low key delivery. For years the biggest impediment to gay rights has been gay advocates with their high handed, grating, offensive tactics that belong more with the right wing than the left. For years everybody has known Foster was gay. Or lesbian. I never figured out why the movement found it necessary underscore that distinction. We used to refer to them all as gay. That the lesbian movement didn’t want to be under the same banner says a lot about something. I take it the gays and lesbians don’t like each other very much and I’m not surprised. Foster irritated the lesbians by acting normally and thanking her family, including her female partner. No grandstanding, just acting as if it were a non-issue, which it is. And if something is a non-issue you don’t make an issue out of it…unless you are most lesbians. I’ve seen too many with chips on their shoulders. If a straight celebrity gave some introduction like “I’m straight, and this is my heterosexual partner” we would all be thinking wow, that was totally awkward. So Foster’s sin was that she didn’t act either special or disadvantaged, she acted equal. That’s supposed to be the objective isn’t it?


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