Is satire dead

If Eating Chocolate Can Make You Smarter, Can It Also Make You an Olympic Skier?: via HuffPost It used to be that making a point through farce could be even more powerful than some dry intellectual analysis. So when some researchers lampooned a certain type of “scientific” study and methodology they probably were not expecting the media and scientific community to take it as seriously as it was. The consumption of chocolate can be correlated with the funds available for luxury items and generally whether it is a society with surplus or one that is just getting by. A population focussed on survival isn’t thinking about progress, it’s thinking about survival. Something right wing governments should be thinking harder about. But any number of things could have been chosen in place of chocolate, for instance alcohol. That would have been a more amusing and provocative study. Or the availability of pornography. Probably tobacco consumption. There are probably a lot of things that would correlate in the same way for the same reason.


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