Another wrongful conviction overturned

Yet another dubious “bite mark” conviction.  

So it turns out that the bite mark had somebody else’s saliva on it.  

Bite marks have a dubious history in law enforcement with no acceptable peer reviewed science or procedures in support of bite mark analysis. 

They have also been used to stage evidence, with the pioneer of bite mark analysis being caught on video using dental molds from an accused to forceably mark the skin of a victim. 

That illustrates the importance of reasonable search and seizure of e.g. dental molds, DNA, etc.   Corrupt police officers, pathologists and lab techs have and will use such material to alter crime scenes and samples to gain a conviction. 

Now in the case in the article, the prosecution is against overturning the convictions.  

One of the most disgusting things about wrongful convictions is that the prosecutors are almost always more interested in protecting themselves and their departments from criticism than having the right person in jail.  

But lets say that they are right and there was other evidence that they had which was strongly suggesting conviction.  

Why then mix everything up by tossing unscientific evidence into the mix and opening the door to setting aside the conviction? 

It is also highly unlikely that a victim was severely bitten by one person and then shot by another on the same day.   You would need some contortions and suspension of disbelief to sell that in Hollywood.  

The only way to make sense of it and involve the accused would be with two people working together. 

And if a police chief was involved in something like that he wouldn’t be stupid enough to gratuitously include an unstable witness and co-accused.  He would know how that usually turns out. 

It sounds to me more like there was a police chief that was in someone’s way so his wife was murdered and he got framed for it.  


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