Chris Culliver said nothing wrong

Stupid article:

Chris Culliver: Why the NFL Must Suspend San Francisco 49er for His Anti-Gay Remarks: via HuffPost

This kind of b*llsh*t is why I hate the gay rights movement and the media that back it.

Why was anybody asking a football player about gay rights? Particularly about the right of a gay man to be in the same room and see everybody there get undressed and shower?

The response was inevitable and the question was even more inappropriate than the response.

I wouldn’t suspend the player. I’d just remind him that you don’t ever answer any question that isn’t about football in the media. Ever.

Nothing about politics, religion, not even what you like to eat for dinner or watch on TV.

Your job is to be as boring as conceivably possible, except on the field. Anything else will lead to distractions.

The modern reporter’s job is to manufacture controversy out of thin air, and some of them will even fabricate controversy.

If they ask you anything about anything other than football assume that it is a trap to screw you and create some artificial controversy because that will usually be right.

The reporter on the other hand I would fire for asking the questions.

It was a cheap, sleazy trick intended to damage the reputation of the player and shows bad faith which will damage relations with players generally and make them reluctant, if they have any sense at all, to say anything other than banal sports cliches about how they’ll give it 200%.

The line of questioning was unethical and reprehensible, as was the media follow up.

It’s not just about what happens on the field.

You share a lockerroom. You use the showers.

Would you make a female sports team undress and shower in front of male onlookers?

Exactly the same rule applies. Any locker room has to be don’t ask don’t tell.

Even pro gay rights people aren’t interested in parading naked in front of them.  Gay rights don’t include the right to see straight men naked without consent.


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