Coulter v. Rubio- who means more to the country and the Republican party?

Ann Vulture does it again. 

Of all the republicans that are supporting the changes to immigration, why is it that she is is calling out the latino?

That would be the same reason why she thinks that only white deaths should be considered when assessing whether we have a gun problem. 

Even if Rubio agreed with her on every policy, she would be opposed to him because he’s hispanic.   He will never be white enough for her and it doesn’t matter what he does. 

He shouldn’t even try. 

This is however an opportunity for him and his party.  

As Bill Clinton repeatedly showed, counter-punching against pond scum is a highly effective and spectacularly popular move.  

Ann Coulter is irredeemable scum, a vicious, sadistic, demented harpy who will burn in hell if there is one.  And most of us know it. 

Rand Paul, Jindal, Christie, Rubio and others have been acting like crabs in a crab pot.  Instead of backing each other up, if one of them is trying to break free of the psychos the others drag him back down.  

If the Republicans want to save their party and the country they have to be prepared to sandbag 2014 if necessary.  Take a hit for one election and remove all the gangrene.  

The problem might even be resolved before 2014 if they take the opportunity to just crush it right now. 

Ann Coulter isn’t going to win them any elections.  She played a significant role in them losing the last election.  So why the hell are they listening to Ann Coulter and her ghoulish minions? 

What they should be doing is banding together and start absolutely destroying people like Ann Coulter.  

Hammer her and her employers for spreading their racist vitriol every single day until they have to let her go.  Make it so she can’t even get a job washing dishes anywhere in the country.  And if somebody gives her a job washing dishes, hammer them too.  

Tolerating people who disagree with us doesn’t mean tolerating evil.  

Intolerance of Hispanics is at a level where it is doubtful that Rubio or any other Hispanic could be a Republican president.  

Bobby Jindal would have a better chance as there is not that history of relevant ingrained prejudice.  

When a certain sort of common Republican sees a Hispanic- any Hispanic- the thought running through his or her head is “you don’t belong here”. 

In many cases the style of thought will be undefined or subconscious, a form of unease, which may be balanced to a degree with denial.

Ann Coulter and others like her want to make such sentiments explicit and turn them into a virtue.

Most politicians seek and gain advancement through a combination of avarice and extreme moral cowardice. 

Moral cowardice tends to be self limiting however.  

Look how far pandering got Romney and Palin. 

Look at the fanatical following of Ron Paul, which was looking to expand it’s influence even as he finished his last race.  

Ron Paul has a legacy.  Moral cowards Romney and Palin have none.  

Winning is more multifaceted in real life than in the Superbowl.  The Superbowl always ends with a 1 and a 0.  

Who wins at a nomination campaign, particularly when the eventual nominee loses the presidential race?  Is it the person who won the nomination that wins, or the person that got more done? 

The Republicans like to be seen as the lean and mean party.  

Well, show some guts then.  Stand up to evil.  Make it respect you.  Don’t rail about the evil elsewhere in the world while passing over the evil sitting next to you or behind you in silence.  

And don’t be distracted by 2016.  Sometimes it is the new guy that gets the nomination, somebody nobody was talking about 4 years ago.   The guys that are still in play 4 years later found some way to capture the popular imagination.   In recent Republican history, the second nomination run is more likely to be successful than the first.  

Who do you have to be to still be popular in 2020?  It’s hard to still be fresh 8 years later if you’re a gutless weasel. 

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