When inclusion becomes condescending

Girls Just Wants to Have (White) Fun: via HuffPost http://huff.to/12dajDv We’ve all seen the characters that don’t do anything in a script except balance the color. Usually they’re too positive, too helpful, it’s more like a pet than a person. The gravelly voiced “noble voice of wisdom” roles are less condescending but are still an extreme. But Hollywood atoning for it’s sins of using stereotypical gangbanger types by balancing perfectly evil characters with perfectly good characters. That just underscores the inability to see a black as a normal human being, when the writers and directors can’t conceive of a black in a role with no racial message, just a person. Here’s one suggestion- have say an entire season written and change the race of one purely random character, after the roles are completely written so nothing is slanted at all. Maybe blacks have to do some movies in “whiteface” so we can get it.


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