Barack Obama, Drone Ranger: via HuffPost

Barack Obama, Drone Ranger: via HuffPost Just one comment about the claims that the lack of a major terrorist attack on US soil is proof that adopting a soviet method of governance works- The only major terrorist successes in US history are 9-11 and the Oklahoma bombing. That would seem to be at least as supportive of the hypothesis that the reason that we had so few terrorist attacks prior is because the opposite strategy, of having an open society that values liberty, freedom of speech, freedom of movement, human rights, habeas corpus, etc, is at least as effective at preventing attacks as putting armed thugs everywhere scanning us, arbitrarily detaining us, engaging in warrantless searches, etc. When you look under a microscope at how conditions are below the level of marquee attacks, the picture seems to be very different. Every day we seem to hear about another attack thwarted. Now, at least half of these are bogus entrapment schemes hatched by unethical law enforcement agencies to turn non-terrorists into terrorists. But even excluding the bs, the world has become increasingly less safe since we began adopting a soviet model of human rights on the premise that it was necessary for security. I think that the best defence is wearing the white hat. Wear the white hat, be the good guy, and fewer people want to hurt you. You prevent even the thought, without mind control, propaganda, listening devices or other crap. Put on the black hat and suddenly everybody wants a piece of you. It makes it possible for even other bad guys to rationalize that you’re the bad guy, without having to use cult-like mental gymnastics. I think the present focus on drones though is a red herring. The media-military-industrial complex probably doesn’t like drones because they’re too cheap and effective. The problem with drones isn’t about the drones themselves, it’s that they look worse when the overall project is imperialist conquest. In contrast tit for tat strategies generally are more effective and saleable. The idea that the populations in question find drones killing the odd civilian (usually a collaborator or collaborator’s family) more offensive than taking over entire countries with hundreds of thousands of deaths of blameless civilians and the destruction of lives of all, is ridiculous. That is incidentally the real choice in Pakistan.


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