New York Times Revises Ed Koch Obit To Include AIDS: via HuffPost

New York Times Revises Ed Koch Obit To Include AIDS: via HuffPost Really the gay movement belongs with the republicans. You look at the pattern- they create a crisis with unbelievably reckless acts, then bitterly denounce everybody else for not solving it- which political party does that sound like? And the hate. The only group that loves to hate more than the republicans is the gay rights movement. They should join the party of hatred and intolerance, where they belong. It is hard to conceive how Koch could bear a scintilla of blame for the aids disaster. Yet here they are, thirty years later, not just kicking him when he’s down, but kicking him when he’s dead and making out a basically decent man to be some kind of monster, at the time when he’s supposed to be remembered for his contributions. That degree of evil is enough to make me wonder if it isn’t god’s judgment on some of them after all. Boycott the Times, not for the tasteful initial obituary, but for giving in to the vile, reprehensible, heinous scum who don’t even consider the period of mourning sacred, like their ideological idiot cousins of that church who have protests at the funerals at Newtown and other tragedies.


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