Immigration Reform Plan Splits GOP Down National-Local Line: via HuffPost

Immigration Reform Plan Splits GOP Down National-Local Line: via HuffPost The US needs immigrants. As long as they aren’t criminals who cares. Hispanics will do work whites think they’re too good for. Amnesty doesn’t have to be a binary option where it’s either instantaneous or you get summarily turfed. Like all things with an impact on the economy it will be desireable to have a gradual impact. Once all the Hispanics are legal they will be entitled to minimum wage. Going straight to minimum wage will cause mayhem in the fruits and vegetables markets, potentially putting them out of reach for poorer families and potentially putting more marginal businesses under. The economic balance there is based on how things are, and either evicting immigrants or giving them an amnesty so that those workers get at least minimum wage will increase prices and hit margins. One thing to look at may be a dues paying period, where for laborer jobs there is a gradual increase in the wages. Another angle might be periods of non-military conscription. Note America’s deteriorating infrastructure requires a lot of work. The idea of paying a fine doesn’t make sense. How are people working for less than minimum wage going to pay some huge fine? Sell their kids on the street? They may not have a lot of skills either, but what they do have is time and motivation. They took enormous risks to be here for the good of their families, you’ve got to respect that. That’s motivation. Give them a way in free and clear and they’ll work really hard. The labor they can and would give would be worth a lot more than the proposed fines they can’t give. As soon as you switch from a paradigm of punishment to a paradigm of cutting a deal which is win-win lots of possibilities open up. My ancestors didn’t have any papers from the indians when they showed up. America came together mostly from people who just showed up. Grants from a faraway king don’t give any moral right to be here. Hispanics are descended from populations that were here thousands of years before we were. They’ve got at least as much right to be here as we do. We need borders to protect us from criminals and invasion, not from families. Quit thinking like a bunch of bureaucrats trying to arbitrarily enforce arbitrary rules. If those immigrants are illegal it’s our fault for making the law.


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