Shadrack McGill, Alabama Lawmaker, Compares Abortion To ‘Destroying An Eagle Egg’: via HuffPost

Shadrack McGill, Alabama Lawmaker, Compares Abortion To ‘Destroying An Eagle Egg’: via HuffPost Population growth is already breaking the ability of the planet to sustain the people who are already here. The fisheries are getting destroyed, soils depleted and salinated, groundwater reserves including aquifers are getting severely depleted… If anybody volunteers not to bring further lives into the world they’re doing a public service and helping save lives not too far down the road. It’s disappointing that Rand Paul is adopting an extreme position on abortion. There is no theological or scientific basis for considering a fertilized egg a human being and forcing women to be incubators is as far from a libertarian position as one can get. The Catholics missed an opportunity to get rid of this debate with an old position that a soul doesn’t enter a fetus for something like the first eight weeks. That curiously corresponds to about the time a nervous system begins to develop. If every effort were made to facilitate abortion of unwanted pregnancies within that period the abortion debate could almost entirely go away. Of course the main tool used by the right wing to control fiscal policy is abortion, so that is never going to happen. You get one vote, so if a party can get you emotionally invested enough in one issue it gives them an unfettered ability to loot the country on behalf of their corporate backers. I believe that is a conscious strategy, the use of fraudulent scientific claims about the fetus disguised as religion, to facilitate fraudulent financial transactions and general corruption. The objective is about as unholy as one can get, using religion as a trojan horse to betray and destroy society. Compare that with educating every girl to get a pregnancy test after no more than 35 days without a period and having the systems in place to ensure that every unwanted pregnancy is terminated in under 7 weeks. But the GOP after Eisenhower has been more interested in creating problems than solving them.


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