The left’s turn to be f***ing stupid

Obama Drone Program Secrecy Reaches ‘Alice-in-Wonderland’ Extremes: via HuffPost

Full transparency for intelligence agencies!

Have you been smoking weed with Assange?

It is not possible to have the world we want without effective intelligence agencies and military.

Why would you release information that will compromise the integrity and effectiveness of operations?

The root of much of the left’s stupidity is not understanding how the justice system works, what it protects, and it’s limitations.

The purpose of the criminal justice system is to protect the innocent from wrongful conviction and unwarranted intrusion and harassment.

You don’t need a justice system to convict and punish the guilty.

Cavemen had that figured out.

The problem remedied by a justice system wasn’t that too many bad guys were hurt, it was that without a due process the innocent would get hurt, and many of the refinements of the legal system are tracable to historical fiascos.

When a terrorist goes on the internet and claims responsibility for attacks or intentions to commit others…

-something that incidently is admissible in court as an admission-

…who exactly is the innocent that we are protecting?  What is the evil to be remedied if we take their admission at face value and take them out?

We could come up with a hokey legal formality where we charge them in absentia, take the admission as a formal admission of guilt and/or expressly allow that a guilty plea may be made in the form of such an admission, sentence them to death, then take them out.

That might be a way to make it formally legal, but what evil would be remedied by engaging in those procedural gymnastics? How would it change anything about the substance of what we were actually doing?

And then there is the issue of losses in warfare. 

Dealing with terrorists is not warfare in the old sense but it is much further from regular civil justice than it is from warfare.

Innocent people have always died as a result of legitimate tactics in warfare. 

Many or most of the innocents are opposing soldiers.

Why do we accept that it is ok to kill hundreds of thousands of innocents to get at a few thousand terrorists but get suddenly squeamish if four civilians get caught in a blast that kills 20 terrorists?

If a terrorist is entitled to a trial, then every opposing soldier in every war is entitled to at least that before we shoot at him. 

The average soldier is more innocent than a terrorist and trial of a soldier is frankly more feasible than nabbing a terrorist off in the bushes and getting lots of seals killed (without trial!) To haul them out for a day in court.

In other words the most charitable spin on trials for terrorists that are in the field is that the position is incoherent.


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