Joe Walsh, lowest form of human scum

We all know that the real reason that people like Joe Walsh and Ann Coulter act the way they do is because they don’t believe that blacks or latinos belong in America. 

There’s nothing they’d rather do right now than burn a cross on the White House lawn.

I see their friends in the Klu Klux Klan have been active lately, doing what the “tea party” does in its’ off time.

I wonder if Mr. Walsh and his friends had anything to do with the tragedy. 

Those negros getting too uppity for you Mr. Walsh?  A whole lot of them getting together and partying to celebrate Obama’s election, does that rankle you?

Is it a coincidence that young woman was murdered a couple of days after performing at the White House?

Was there anything random about that coincidence at all?

The other victims that Mr. Walsh has never said boo about before didn’t show up to the White House a couple of days prior. 

Why does that woman bother you so much Mr. Walsh?

Somebody get that racist a-hole into an interrogation room and see if he knows anything and see if the right wing racist blogs are complaining about all of the blacks partying and bringing their own to Washington.  I wouldn’t automatically assume it was random.


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