Where is Christopher Dorner now?

He’s a lucid and is trained to deal with people who are engaging in irregular warfare.

So that probably has given him some ideas himself.

He feinted in every direction but Northwest and Northwest is the direction that makes the most sense. 

Some of the feints may illuminate his thinking.   Burning out his truck in a resort area with a present 10% occupancy rate is believable because he could be in one of the houses there.  

It would be a semi-logical move, however when you look at the burning out of the truck the purpose is clear. 

If he had simply abandoned the truck, say parked in the driveway of an unoccupied house, nobody might have noticed for weeks. 

Why burn the truck, to get rid of DNA? There is no identity issue.

It’s just a deflection.

If any of the families with summer homes in the area had a vehicle on their property he could be using it and nobody may be aware it is missing.

If he goes to another state he may not know the terrain as well and have to stop for gas, deal with greater environmental variation, etc. 

Humbolt county is one of the best places to hide out in the world if someone has adequate provisions.

The coast of Humbolt county has the lowest average annual range in temperature in the northern hemisphere.

The county has 40% of California’s old growith forests and 20% of the states forest production.

20 minutes north of Eureka you’re in the bushes from the small town of Trinidad for around 40 miles by road until Crescent City in Del Norte county.

There will be seasonal recreational properties in the general area. 

Places with snow are unlikely to be used.  Tracking by tire tracks or footprints is too easy and makes escape hard if you get made.

He’ll also know that there will be too much heat around his potential targets.  He may wait and see if the guard goes down.

If Dorner is now thinking most immediately of defence the most logical area to be would be in northern Humbolt county.

That may be tempered by issues of whether he has prior experience with or has scouted out some alternative.

He dumped the truck near the house of a known associate, he may be going somewhere else familiar as well.

The amount of effort in misdirection (which may be in part due to narcissism, wanting to appear clever), involving significant risk, suggests that there may be a logical explanation for where he in fact went, something not random, something that people might work out in their heads without a glut of garbage information.

Otherwise, why not make a B-line to safety?

My guess is that he probably scouted out the location where he is now within the past three months and probably checked on it immediately before the rampage.   It would be most awkward if the tenants or their neighbours were there on his arrival.

So if he went somewhere and didn’t turn a cell phone off, or paid for gas by debit or credit card, there may be a trail pointing at his location.

I’d also be looking at that snow storm that hit not long after his truck was found. 

It may be that if he switched vehicles and was going to another location affected by snow that he was hoping to use the snow to cover his tracks.

It’s interesting that he ditched his camping gear in the burning truck. 

I’m wondering if an RV is missing or if it’s just more misdirection and he has a second stash of camping gear somewhere and doesn’t want anybody to be looking for him camping.

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