Olympic Committee finds one of few ways to reduce credibility further

If anybody had any remaining doubts that the Olympics are only about money, that has been resolved.

Wrestling is part of both ancient and modern athletic tradition and in terms of number of people involved in it world wide it has to be on the higher end of the various sports.  Most westerners have had to do some wrestling in their physical education classes and there are wrestling teams at many or most universities.

Versus bizarre activities like synchronized swimming that might have 100 participants worldwide which are incapable of objective evaluation can appeal to women stylistically and appeal to some men who like watching women in swim suits…although not even Selena Gomez could save the absurdity of the “sport” and the inherent ugliness of the outfits.

Men’s wrestling is visually unappealing and it is difficult to know how to save that.  Maybe you can have “pro-wrestling” appeal to 12 year old boys but the last thing an older straight male wants to see is two guys grappling each other.

So here’s a solution fitting the new Olympic tradition: women’s lingerie wrestling.  Yes it’s crass, obvious and sexist, but when has that ever stopped them?  And it’s a lot less creepy than the young girls in skimpy outfits in contorted positions in gymnastics.

Half the Olympic “sports” as it is seem to be contrived pseudosports that are selected for TV viewership as the foremost consideration and the athletes aren’t even allowed to choose the clothing that they wear as shown by Watchgate where an athlete wore a watch of a brand different than the official Olympic sponsor.

As the Olympics degenerate into a joke that may eventually affect viewership- look at what is happening to news organizations now that they are mostly devoid of content or insight.  They’re getting short of funding, so they make cutbacks, which results in even less content. 

News has proved to be uncompetitive as a form of shallow entertainment because there will always be some non-news program that is shallower and more entertaining.   The choice to abandon the news niche has proven to be imprudent.

I would not be surprised if the Olympics ultimately has a similar fate.   Patriotism and credibility are important to their product. 

If all they are doing is competing for immediate viewership, what are they? What is the Olympics’ identity?



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