Russian meteor footage

I think we need some education on this.  A meteor hitting is more unpredictable than a nuke.  

You look at this small meteor going over a city and in the downtown shots on other pages you can see it light up much brighter than the sun. 

The streaking, flash and trails drew people out to take footage which can be hazardous. 

You can get cooked, or when the shock wave hits seconds later you can be either flattened or hit by lots of falling glass or a few other things.  

A good time to head for the basement or dive behind a barrier and be mindful what is around and could break or fall.  

Looking at it might damage vision. 

Earth probably has some things in orbit of various sizes that an asteroid could hit.

Imagine the asteroid that is supposed to pass tomorrow, if it hits some rock in far orbit that’s the size of a car.  That could be enough to splinter it and send half the thing in our direction.  



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