Krugman: So Much for Obamacare Not Working

Krugman: So Much for Obamacare Not Working –

Krugman is entertaining and on point as usual.

One of the most striking pieces of nonsense that I hear about US politics is that the Republicans are driven by an Ayn Rand ideology.  Nothing could be further than the truth.

I just saw the first half of the movie version of Atlas Shrugged, which is fairly faithful to the spirit of the book, and it is quite striking how closely the Republicans resemble Ayn Rand’s villains.

Yes, they have taken a page from her, the villain role of opposing science, opposing facts, and if the facts are against them, they make up new ones that are demonstrably false and which they know are false- just like Rand’s villains.


Thank You for Your Service, But It’s Time to Go Justice Ginsburg

Thank You for Your Service, But It’s Time to Go Justice Ginsburg –

If she can hold out a few more years she might be replaced by somebody actually liberal.

Kagan was yet another Goldman-Sachs connected Obama appointment.

If Ginsberg leaves before Obama leaves office it could be 30 years to restore the balance in the courts.

Gay rights are fine, but far to much weight is given to the in terms of whether society is progressing.

The economy is rapidly regressing to something close to slavery of everyone, including gays, women and minorities. 

Trading away civilization for the right to all be equally oppressed is the proverbial giving the cow away for magic beans.

If You Were An Iraq War Critic, You’re Probably Not Being Asked To Go On TV

If You Were An Iraq War Critic, You’re Probably Not Being Asked To Go On TV –

The movie “”V” For Vendetta” wasn’t a tale about an allegorical dystopian future we were headed for, it was an allegorical version of the dystopian present we were already in.

If You Were An Iraq War Critic, You’re Probably Not Being Asked To Go On TV

If You Were An Iraq War Critic, You’re Probably Not Being Asked To Go On TV –

Corporations that benefit from wrongdoing are highly inter-connected and those who benefit from the war agenda directly or indirectly control most of the media as well.

The most insidious effect of Fox is through its extremity to create the illusion that an independent mainstream media still exist. It creates the appearance of contrast and it’s telling how far they have to go to the extreme to create the illusion of a difference.

In reality it’s a difference without a distinction because everything, including the illusion of a contrast, serves an agenda, and look at how critics of that agenda continue to be shut out by even the supposedly moderate stations.

The protection of the first amendment has broken down.  It’s designed to protect speech from government control, not to prevent the same interests from purchasing most publications and control over the government, which has the same authoritarian effect that the founders wanted to avoid.

That is because at the time, most countries were monarchy controlled and the idea that a group could in effect purchase the same power as a monarchy did not arise. 

What we have for a press now is about as free as the press in the old Soviet Union would have been with several competing versions of Pravda.

Supreme Court Poised For Big Birth Control Ruling

Supreme Court Poised For Big Birth Control Ruling –

Cross my fingers on this one.  The corporate judges were asking the right questions, such as how a corporation can have a religion.  To start giving some corporations advantages because of the professed religious beliefs of shareholders (even if Jesus said nothing about it), opens up a huge can of worms.

Where do you draw the line? Controlling interest? Largest shareholder? Any shareholder? And how is buying an insurance policy a religious issue?

Aereo CEO Says Company Will Suspend Operations

Aereo CEO Says Company Will Suspend Operations –

It says a lot about our present corporate culture that they ever thought they could get away with it.

Bill Maher To Hillary Clinton: ‘Just Go Away’

Bill Maher To Hillary Clinton: ‘Just Go Away’ –

I would have prefered an unqualified “go away” – just what we need, another pro-war ideological Republican getting the Democrat nomination.

On the other hand, she may be useful to draw fire off serious contenders so they are fresh faces for the primary and don’t spend an extra year and a half in the media meat grinder.