The Conflicts In Iraq And Syria Are Merging

The Conflicts In Iraq And Syria Are Merging –

Merging the conflicts is one of the biggest mistakes of Sunni extremists in years.

It makes the movement in Syria visibly toxic.  It always was, and it was appalling that the west ever considered giving assistance, but now it’s in the open.

Now Syria, Iraq and Iran can coordinate on them with concern for repercussions, and the Kurds will not have their back.

The hellfire and brimstone they’ve been talking about are headed their way, not someone else’s.

Guerilla warfare is generally effective because it gives opponents nothing as a target.

Taking cities with small arms is going to backfire.  You can’t hold a city with small arms.  It is a departure from prior strategy and gives opponents a target.  Now if they back out they lose face.  If the rest of Iraq gets it’s act together it’s going to turn into a turkey shoot.

Just because it’s bold doesn’t mean it’s going to work.  They’ve made a huge strategic blunder on many levels. 

To think, a year ago people were talking seriously about bringing in US support on their side, now that is politically impossible and the US is being pulled in against them in Iraq.  Their Saudi backers are probably tearing their hair.


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