Another minority problem for Republicans

The Vanishing Republican Jew –

Not a surprise really. 

For historical reasons the jewish people ought to be allergic to bigotry. 

Bigotry is now essentially the whole Republican platform.

They are creating an environment where if somebody chases down and shoots a black man who was minding his own business, instead of the universal denunciation of the apparent hate crime that there ought to have been, the killer receives fanatical backing by people that try to shout down anybody that would speak against him.

That is the Republican vision for America.

Some have pointed out that the tactics used by the Republican party are exactly those advocated by Hitler and Goebbels, only to issue a retraction when shouted down.

We need to stand up to the brownshirts’ intimidation and draw a line now.  Quit making retractions of true statements out of fear.  The tactics used are precisely the tactics advocated by Hitler and Goebbels.  If we don’t out them and crush them politically now it’s just going to keep getting harder.

So far the Republicans’ scapegoats are blacks and hispanics, but bigotry has a tendency to eventually circle around to anti-semitism.  Not that it isn’t there already, it just hasn’t been getting traction so far.

If we don’t shut this down, eventually there will be camps, there will be another holocaust against one or more groups.

The hazard is far greater than with Germany last century.  The US presently has a military more powerful than the rest of the world combined, with enough nuclear weapons to end civilization.  


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