Israeli airstrikes


In modern warfare often the weaker party hides among civilians as a defence and for PR manipulation with the inevitable civilian casualties.

On this very rare occasion I have to agree with Israel at least on the PR point- whether or not the strikes were justified by the intelligence I can’t say, but the idea that if an adversary uses human shields you can’t fight back, is indefensible.

The classic example is present day Syria where the reluctance to hit civilian areas was exploited constantly by the foreign generated “insurgency”.

In a straight up battle without civilian shields the Assad military would have cut the fake rebellion to pieces in a matter of days.

That is why it is critical to show a willingness to shoot through human shields early on.  Not doing so can put far more people at risk and encourage the use of the tactic.

The neo-con western media blaming the Syrians for defending themselves from external aggression rather than blaming the “rebels” for violating the Geneva convention, ensured that the use of human shields by the “rebels” became the primary tactic of that side in the war, resulting in greatly increased deaths and displacements of civilians.


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