The Man Who Helped Con U.S. To Invade Iraq promoted by neo con press

The Man Who Helped Convince U.S. To Invade Iraq Could Be Its Next Leader –

This is a notorious con man, notorious as a con man even before the war on Iraq, so why is it he always gets the soft focus lens.

He was intended by the neo con extremists to be the Karzai of Iraq, with every negative connotation of that.

He’s a traitor to his own people, getting them massacred for his own advancement.  I’m surprised they haven’t hung him or worse.  They ought to.  No man on earth is more deserving.

Advancing this imbecile with western pressure is also going to have the effect of pushing Iraq closer to Iran, because it does make it look more like ISIS could be a western ploy to get the neocon’s pet into power so they can loot the country as originally intended.

They are so focussed on trying to loot the place that they don’t seem to care that the actual effect is going to be against western interests by pushing the country further out of the US sphere of control.

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