Krugman Slams ‘What Policy Makers Don’t Know’

Krugman Slams ‘What Policy Makers Don’t Know’ –

Krugman’s right as usual.

The key to a solution is that understanding that the problems of western society are media driven.

Look what is done to Krugman for instance.

He’s actually the leading advocate for mainstream, settled economics.

What he’s made to look like though in most media is some far-left outlier who represents views that are almost universally rejected.

That is only possible through the complicity of most media.

I’m not just talking about Fox- I regard Fox’s primary role as creating a contrast so that the other extreme right wing media appear moderate.

In terms of solutions, for various reasons including constitutional ones we can’t take away the wealth of those who buy up all the media to spread disinformation and we can’t take away their media property or muzzle them.

What we can do though is try to enlist progressive persons like Buffett, Gates and Bloomberg to either buy up or create media entities and keep close control to prevent takeovers and stonewall attempts to gain control and publicly out any attempts to coerce or intimidate them into following the right wing line.

So much of the media these days is obvious propaganda and that is one of the reasons why media are doing poorly financially.  It’s not just the internet.  Who wants to pay a subscription fee for an advertisement?

For those who would help the world with their billions, there is no greater contribution they could make than to ensure that the truth is readily available to anyone and will not be suppressed, and to ensure that the propaganda mills elsewhere are thoroughly discredited.

Why is Krugman usually the lone voice?  Refuting the claims that mainsteam economics backs austerity should be like shooting fish in a barrel. 

Don’t get taken in when what is actually a right wing organization backs say, gay marriage.   That’s a red herring.

Confirming that Krugman is the mainstream and that austerity is not is the low hanging fruit.  The level of investigative journalism required is well within the skills of an average fifth grader with access to the internet. 

And that’s one way to spot a real agenda.  The opponents of truth have done everything but write the story for you, it’s a good story about a scandal that would get a lot of politicians worldwide in trouble.  So why the deafening silence?

There is one point I disagree with Krugman on.

I think that the proponents of economically destructive policies such as austerity for the most part know exactly what they are doing. 

The intended effect is unclear- crash markets to buy cheap real estate,  create a rise of fascist movements worldwide, maybe both- but it is obvious that this economic terrorism is intentionally destructive.


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