The Depressing Reason Americans Never Take Vacation

The Depressing Reason Americans Never Take Vacation –

Probably solutions should in part include shorter work weeks.  Have people pacing themselves all the time, so they don’t burn out.

Also teaching delegation skills can be important.

That involves in part anticipation because getting something half done then delegating it usually is inefficient.  There comes a point where finishing something yourself is faster than bringing somebody up to speed.

Delegation is important for people to increase in responsibility.   It shouldn’t be seen as becoming redundant- if you can’t delegate you can’t lead.

Also emphasize options, such as creating long weekends with vacation days.

The idea that we need a long vacation so we can travel all over the place to impress our friends and family can itself be stressful.   Replacing frenetic activity that makes money with frenetic activity that burns money may do nothing to alleviate stress, that can be just another way of martyring oneself to meet the expectations of others.


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