Krugman: Why We Keep Fighting Wars

Krugman: Why We Keep Fighting Wars –

I don’t see that the motives of the decision makers are so different in pre-industrial versus more advanced societies.  In both cases it’s like organized crime families going for loot, in both cases it’s against the interests of the peasant classes but there’s some spin about how their motives are idealistic.

In more advanced places the charade has to be more elaborate but it doesn’t have to be compelling as long as the press has been bought up by the faction that wants war.  Look at the war on Iraq, which was more about looting America than looting Iraq. 

That takes a lot of forms, including reduced oil production so that oil prices would be artificially high, and the general increase in resource prices created by speculation whenever there is a conflict.

It was disturbingly easy to get people on board.  Hans Blix’s case before the war that the case for war was fraudulent, was overwhelming.  So while getting an advanced society on board for such a boondoggle is more involved, if enough people are corrupt enough to go along with the charade it won’t matter that the case for war is nonsensical.

And note, no prosecutions.  The same faction either still controls the White House or has enough leverage to keep them on a short leash.


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